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Best Stone For Shower Walls In Tulsa, OK

Choosing the right stone for your shower walls in Tulsa, OK, can be tricky. Many homeowners struggle to find a balance between beauty and practicality. 

This article breaks down the best stone options available, explaining their benefits and considerations.

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Types of Stone for Shower Walls in Tulsa, OK

Marble, granite, quartzite, and porcelain are common stone options for shower walls in Tulsa, OK. Each type offers unique benefits and considerations.


veining and light coloring add sophistication to any bathroom. This natural stone creates an inviting and luxurious space, making it popular among homeowners in Tulsa, OK.

Marble can make a bold statement or provide a soft backdrop depending on the chosen variety.

Caring for marble involves sealing it properly to protect against absorbing water, soap scum, and stains. 

Using a soft sponge and gentle cleaners helps maintain its beauty without causing damage.

Despite needing regular maintenance to keep its stunning appearance, many find the effort worthwhile for the style and elegance marble brings to their showers.


Granite stands out as an excellent choice for shower walls, especially in Tulsa, OK. This durable stone resists daily wear and tear, making it perfect for the moist environment of a shower area.

Granite’s high resistance to scratches and stains means it can keep looking new for years with minimal maintenance. Its natural beauty adds elegance to any bathroom, offering various patterns and colors.

Homeowners appreciate granite because it is easy to clean and requires sealing only once a year.

Granite combines durability with beauty, providing a long-lasting solution that elevates the aesthetic of any bathroom.

This stone is highly regarded for its ability to withstand mildew growth when properly sealed. The smooth or textured surface options allow homeowners to customize their bathrooms’ look while ensuring safety under wet conditions.

Unlike other materials that might need frequent upkeep, granite shower walls offer peace of mind through their low maintenance requirements. 

With proper installation, granite ensures a cohesive look throughout the bathroom without worrying about excessive grout lines or quick wear-outs.


Quartzite stands as a top choice for those who prefer natural stones with high durability and a unique look. It forms under extreme heat and pressure, making it extremely tough and resistant to scratches.

Homeowners appreciate its ability to withstand wear and tear in busy bathrooms. Quartzite comes in various colors, from soft whites and grays to striking blues and greens, each slab boasting unique patterns.

This stone needs sealing regularly to maintain its non-porous surface, which helps prevent stains.

Caring for quartzite is simpler than you might think; just clean it with mild soap and water. Its beauty grows over time, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality in shower areas.

Make sure to consider this durable yet stylish option for your Tulsa home’s bathroom renovation project.

Next on the list is Porcelain – an engineered stone known for its versatility and ease of maintenance.


Porcelain is a highly durable option for shower walls in Tulsa homes. It is non-porous and requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for busy households. 

The Total White Porcelain offers a sleek and modern look with its lighter shades, creating a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that complements various bathroom designs.

Additionally, the material is resistant to moisture, making it suitable for shower floors as well.

The Total White Porcelain serves as an ideal stone surface due to its high durability, low maintenance requirements, resistance to moisture, and sleek modern aesthetic – making it an excellent choice for homeowners in Tulsa seeking practical yet stylish shower wall options.

Quartz vs Porcelain shower walls comparison in a Tulsa, OK modern bathroom.

Benefits and Considerations for Each Stone

Marble, granite, quartzite, and porcelain have unique benefits and considerations when it comes to durability, aesthetics, and maintenance. Learn more about the perfect stone for your shower walls in Tulsa.

Marble, granite, and quartzite are durable stone options for shower walls. They resist cracks and scratches from daily use, ensuring long-term reliability. 

Porcelain is also dependable due to its non-porous nature, making it resistant to water damage and easy to clean with minimal maintenance required.

Sandstone is a great option too because of its ability to withstand moisture while maintaining its integrity over time. 

When choosing stone for your shower walls in Tulsa, prioritize durability to ensure lasting quality without compromising on appearance.

Marble, granite, quartzite, and porcelain offer various aesthetic options for your shower walls in Tulsa. Marble provides a classic and elegant look with intricate veining, while granite offers a bold and natural appearance with unique patterns.

Quartzite presents a blend of elegance and durability with its dramatic veining and variations in color. Additionally, porcelain delivers a sleek and modern aesthetic that is available in minimal veining or textured finishes to suit your style preference.

Consider the overall look you want to achieve for your shower walls; whether it’s timeless luxury, natural beauty, or contemporary appeal. 

Each stone type enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom space with its distinctive characteristics such as color variations, veining patterns, and surface textures – ensuring a visually appealing result that complements your home’s design.

To maintain shower walls made of Coromandel Granite, Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble, Casablanca Quartzite, Aregento Quartz, or Total White Porcelain in Tulsa, OK ensure regular cleaning with a mild detergent.

Properly sealing the stone will protect it against water damage and staining. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching the surfaces. Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear to address them promptly.

Regularly clean your chosen stone by wiping with a soft cloth and mild cleanser to keep it in top condition. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the surface. Sealing natural stones like granite or quartzite regularly prevents moisture from seeping into the material.

Best Stone For Shower Walls In Tulsa, OK

Best Stone for Shower Walls in Tulsa, OK

Coromandel Granite, Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble, Casablanca Quartzite, Aregento Quartz, and Total White Porcelain are the best stone options for shower walls in Tulsa, OK. Each stone offers unique benefits and considerations for homeowners to consider.

Coromandel Granite

Coromandel Granite is a durable and elegant choice for your shower walls. The non-porous nature of granite makes it resistant to stains and moisture, ensuring easy maintenance. 

With its high iron content, Coromandel Granite offers a distinct and textured appearance that adds character to your bathroom space.

Additionally, the smooth surface of this stone provides a sleek and modern look, making it an ideal option for homeowners seeking easy-to-maintain yet sophisticated stone surfaces for their shower walls.

Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble

Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble is a stunning choice for shower walls, offering a luxurious and timeless look to your bathroom. This smooth stone with its intricate veining adds an elegant touch, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home.

Being easy to maintain and non-porous, it ensures durability and practicality while exuding sophistication that complements any interior design. 

For homeowners seeking a material that effortlessly combines beauty and functionality, Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble stands out as the perfect option for their shower walls.

This marble offers not only aesthetic appeal but also strength and resilience, making it an excellent long-term investment for homeowners looking to elevate their bathrooms. 

With its captivating appearance and practical benefits, Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble emerges as an ideal choice for crafting exquisite shower walls that exude luxury without compromising on durability or maintenance.

Casablanca Quartzite

Transitioning from the elegant Calacatta Vagli Bookmatch Marble to another exceptional option, Casablanca Quartzite offers homeowners a stunning stone for their shower walls. 

With its unique blend of white and gray tones, Casablanca Quartzite brings an exquisite natural beauty to any bathroom space.

Its durability and resistance to heat and staining make it a practical choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their shower walls.

Quartz slabs like Casablanca Quartzite have gained popularity due to their non-porous nature, making them easy to maintain with regular sealing. 

This makes them ideal for use in wet areas such as shower walls, providing homeowners in Tulsa, OK with a reliable and sophisticated option for their bathroom design needs.

Argento Quartz

Argento Quartz is a highly durable and low-maintenance option for shower walls with its non-porous surface that resists staining and requires minimal upkeep. 

Its sleek, modern aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for homeowners seeking an elegant yet practical solution.

The small details of Argento Quartz stand out, as the textured stone adds depth to any bathroom space, creating a luxurious feel without the high maintenance typically associated with natural stones.

With Argento Quartz, homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds – a stunning appearance and ease of maintenance.

Total White Porcelain

Transitioning from the unique Aregento Quartz, Total White Porcelain offers a sleek and modern look for your shower walls. This non-porous material is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

With its pristine white finish, Total White Porcelain brings a clean and timeless aesthetic to your bathroom space. Its resistance to water, stains, and scratches makes it an ideal choice for long-lasting beauty in your home.

Total White Porcelain’s smooth surface doesn’t require sealing regularly like other natural stones do, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking low-maintenance yet elegant stone tile options with enduring appeal.

Leading Manufacturers of Stone Tiles for Showers

Selecting the right stone tiles for your shower walls involves more than just choosing the best material; it also means choosing from the best manufacturers who are known for their quality, durability, and design excellence.
  • Caesarstone: Known for their quality quartz surfaces, Caesarstone combines beauty with outstanding performance.
  • Daltile: A leader in ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles providing versatile design options.
  • MSI Surfaces: Offers a vast selection of granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz for elegant shower solutions.
  • Porcelanosa: Specializes in porcelain and ceramic tiles that mimic natural stone with stunning accuracy and beauty.
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In Tulsa, OK, natural stone options and porcelain slabs are great choices for shower walls because they look beautiful and last a long time.
Yes, natural stones used in showers need to be sealed regularly to protect them from water damage and keep them looking new.
Absolutely! Small stones can make excellent non-porous flooring that feels good under your feet and adds a unique look to your bathroom.
These versatile materials can also be used for countertops and tiles throughout your home, not just in the bathroom.

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