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Home Remodeling Cost In Tulsa, OK

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Home Remodeling Cost In Tulsa, OK

Understanding the costs before starting your home remodel is crucial. We provide detailed quotes ensuring you get transparency and no surprises with budgeting.

Our prices are competitive, designed not to break the bank. We’re focused on delivering a more efficient and functional home, not just finishing the job.

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The owner of Unique Renovations, Josh Baker
Josh – The Heart and Mind Behind Unique Renovations

Hi, I’m Josh Baker, the owner of Unique Renovations. I work closely with you to understand your needs and offer you high-quality remodeling solutions to tap into the full potential of your home. With us, you’re getting a hassle-free remodeling experience that allows us to create a beautiful, functional space that exceeds your expectations. I can’t wait for us to chat!

Costs Overview of Home Remodeling In Tulsa

Every home remodel is unique, which means costs vary per project. To give you an accurate quote, we need to understand exactly what your project requires. Trust us for clear pricing.
Project What's Included Total Cost
Tulsa, OK - Reading/Sitting Room Remodel New windows, new flooring, new paint and trimwork, new light fixtures $25k
Tulsa, OK - Full Home Remodel And Attic Conversion Removal of interior walls, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new walk-in closets, hardwood flooring, granite installation, attic conversion into game room $160k
Broken Arrow, OK - Ballet Room Renovation Installing new flooring, new mirrors, new ballet barre, new woodwork, room paint $25k

Work With Us & Get These Benefits

Our exceptional service has revolutionized the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and customer satisfaction. People appreciate our dedication to excellence. Check out the benefits we offer:

Labor Costs of Home Remodeling In Tulsa, OK

Labor costs vary based on the expertise needed for your project. Our carpenters ensure precision and durability, while electricians guarantee safe and compliant installations. 

Designers bring your vision to life, making each space functional and appealing. Each plays a crucial role in remodeling success.

Why Working With Professionals Like Us Is Key

Choosing us means you’re partnering with seasoned professionals dedicated to their craft. Every team member is not only skilled but also polite and respectful, ensuring a smooth and positive experience throughout your project.
Working with us saves you money in the long run. Our high-quality work means your home won’t need constant repairs, preventing unnecessary expenses and giving you peace of mind.
Our designs stand out for their beauty and functionality. We work closely with you to create spaces that reflect your style and meet your needs, making every corner of your home special.
Our deep expertise in remodeling is unmatched. This knowledge ensures that every aspect of your project is handled with professionalism, from planning to execution, delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Real Testimonials From Your Neighbors In Tulsa

We’re truly thankful for the glowing feedback from our customers. Their satisfaction fuels our dedication. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Chantel Reynolds​


The crew from Unique Renovations were very responsive and helpful for our situation. After two other quotes for bathroom repair work that were *wildly* different, I need a third “tie-breaker” to help me decide how to proceed.

I was very pleased at the clear explanation of what needed to be done and the quality of their work. They were careful, conscientious, and flexible when we needed them to be, and the final results are wonderful.


Ryan McGlynn​


Had a very unique situation to say the least and Josh was able to accommodate all my requests, no matter how big or small. Had to replace water damaged flooring and replace with tile and Unique Renovations did an amazing job, made my bathroom look brand new and gave me a peace of mind that my plumbing is correct now…

Top tier quality and definitely not a contractor that cuts corners. I was always able to get a hold of him and communication was never an issue. 10/10 would recommend for any custom home improvements…

Features and Upgrades People Buy When Getting Their Home Remodeled

Most homeowners use this chance to make additional upgrades, enhancing their space further. 

Here’s what they often add:

Beautiful New Furnished Living Room in New Luxury Home
The owner of Unique Renovations, Josh Baker
Are you excited about getting your home addition project started? Call us now at (918) 809-7338 to get started!

Quality Services & Expertise

At Unique Renovations, every member of our team is a seasoned professional dedicated to the craft of home remodeling. We carefully estimate home renovation costs and ensure your experience is smooth and respectful

Our commitment to home renovation projects is reflected in the way we work and communicate with you throughout the remodeling project.

We aim to save you money on home remodeling costs, including labor costs and materials such as light fixtures and hardwood flooring. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation or a whole house renovation, we focus on providing quality results within your renovation budget. 

Contact us for any of your home improvement projects, from small renovation projects to entire home remodels.

Three-Step Process For Smooth Collaborations

Choosing us means experiencing a hassle-free remodeling process from start to finish. Our method is straightforward, ensuring you enjoy the transformation of your space with minimal stress.
Kitchen remodeling plans and materials



We listen to your ideas and combine them with our expertise to create a solid plan.
A contractor working with wood



Our skilled team works diligently to turn the plan into reality, focusing on quality and timeliness.
A kitchen with a granite countertop, white and brown kitchen cabinets, and wood floors



You get to relive the excitement of revealing a beautifully remodeled home, ready to make new memories.

Home Remodeling Cost In Tulsa, OK - FAQs

The duration of a home remodel in Tulsa varies depending on the scope of your project. Renovation costs might vary from home remodeling costs depending on the project scale. 

A minor update like a bathroom renovation could just take a few weeks, while a full-scale renovation project like a whole house renovation could extend to several months. 

We’ll give you a realistic timeline after evaluating your specific needs and considering square footage, project cost, and home renovation projects. This will help estimate home renovation costs including labor costs, material costs, and the average home renovation cost per square foot. 

It’s essential to choose budget-friendly materials to save money, especially when considering hardwood flooring or light fixtures. 

Thinking about curb appeal and how to renovate a house effectively can impact the total renovation costs.

In many cases, yes, you can stay in your home during the remodeling process. However, for extensive remodels that involve key living areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, you might find it more comfortable to temporarily relocate. 

Our team works efficiently to minimize disruptions to your daily life and ensure your home renovation projects are completed smoothly, saving you money on home renovation costs.

Getting started on your home remodeling project is simple. Reach out to us for a free quote, and we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, renovation costs, and requirements. 

This initial meeting helps us understand what you’re looking for, estimate the average home renovation cost per square foot, and provide you with an accurate timeline. 

Our goal is to help you save money on your home renovation projects by estimating home renovation costs accurately and choosing budget-friendly materials like light fixtures, hardwood flooring, and new appliances.

We understand that home renovation projects evolve, and we’re flexible to changes. If you’d like to adjust your remodel plan, simply speak with our project manager. 

While some changes, like new light fixtures or bathroom renovation, may affect the project’s timeline and cost, we’ll always aim to accommodate your needs and save you money.

Yes, we handle all necessary permits and paperwork for your home remodel, including ensuring compliance with Tulsa’s building codes and regulations. 

Our team is well-versed in estimating home renovation costs and can help you save money on your home renovation project. 

Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, or whole house renovation, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions using budget-friendly materials.

Contact us for a detailed breakdown of renovation costs and to discuss your remodeling project.

Open communication is key to a successful remodel. You’ll have a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact. You can reach out to them with any questions or updates. 

We also provide regular progress reports, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Managing home renovation costs begins with careful planning and estimating. Start by defining the scope of your remodeling project, whether it’s a simple bathroom renovation or a whole house renovation. 

Prioritize projects that add more value, such as hardwood flooring installation or updating light fixtures, to maximize your investment. To save money, consider the cost per square foot and explore budget-friendly materials. 

Remember, the total cost can escalate with unexpected costs like structural improvements or permit costs. Working with a general contractor who has experience in home improvements can provide accurate cost estimates and help find cost-saving opportunities without compromising quality. 

Always factor in a contingency budget for unexpected costs to ensure your home renovation project stays on track.

To enhance your living space through a remodeling project while adhering to a budget, start with a clear floor plan that outlines the desired structural changes and improvements. 

Consider how each renovation, from the hardwood floors to the removal of a load-bearing wall, contributes to the overall utility and aesthetic of your living space.

Utilize high-end materials sparingly and where they yield the most impact, such as in the kitchen or powder room, to save money without sacrificing quality. 

To achieve the best value, focus on renovations that both improve daily living and increase house costs, like adding more square footage or upgrading the HVAC system. 

Engage with a general contractor early on to assess structural engineer requirements, permit costs, and other cost factors. 

They can help you make cost-effective choices, provide accurate remodeling costs, and avoid unexpected expenses, ensuring your project enhances your living space within your renovation budget.

The average cost to renovate a house significantly varies depending on multiple factors such as the total square footage, the extent of structural improvements required, and the choice between high-end materials versus budget-friendly options. 

Labor costs and material costs are primary drivers, influencing the overall renovation budget. Small renovation projects like a powder room update or garage door replacement can have lower average costs, while larger endeavors such as adding more square footage, installing new hardwood floors, or undertaking a complete kitchen remodel can dramatically increase the total cost. 

Estimating home renovation costs accurately requires considering these variables and the cost per square foot, which can vary depending on the quality of materials and the intensity of labor needed. 

To save money on home renovation projects, homeowners should prioritize renovations that enhance both the curb appeal and the utility of the existing space, work with a general contractor to obtain accurate cost estimates, and choose renovations that provide the best return on investment without exceeding the home renovation budget.

Engaging a general contractor at the onset of your home remodeling project is crucial for effective cost management and ensuring the project stays within budget. 

A seasoned contractor brings invaluable expertise in estimating home renovation costs, providing realistic project cost assessments based on your floor plan and desired improvements. 

They can break down remodeling costs into detailed segments, including labor costs, material costs, and other cost factors like permits and the need for a structural engineer. 

This early collaboration allows for the exploration of cost-saving opportunities such as choosing budget-friendly materials for light fixtures, new flooring, or hardwood flooring, without compromising the integrity or aesthetic of the home renovation.

Additionally, a general contractor can foresee potential unexpected costs, helping to adjust the renovation budget or project scope accordingly. 

Their experience in handling home improvement projects across varying square footage and complexity levels equips them with knowledge on how much it does cost to remodel, from small projects to whole house renovations, saving homeowners from unforeseen expenses and ensuring a smoother execution of the renovation project.

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The owner of Unique Renovations, Josh Baker

Josh Baker

Investing in our home remodeling service is a smart choice you’ll wish you made sooner. It adds value and enhances comfort immediately. 

Transforming your home with us not only improves its appearance but also its functionality. Don’t wait any longer to make this wise investment. 

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Tulsa, OK, known for its blend of Southern charm and modern innovation, is a vibrant city. The Tulsa Arts District showcases rich culture, with the Philbrook Museum of Art and Gilcrease Museum displaying striking works. Don’t miss the Tulsa Zoo, a bustling hub for exploration. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a lively community merging history with the future.