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Water Conservation Bathrooms For Oklahoma’s Drought Conditions

A Drop Of Water Drips From A Leaky Faucet

Did you know that Oklahoma is dealing with serious dry weather? In fact, a 2020 report by The Water Resources Board revealed that around 30% of Oklahoma’s municipal water goes towards domestic usage, including bathroom utilities. The best way to remain secure and backed up when there’s no running water is simple: a bathroom that […]

5 Reasons You Quickly Need To Fix A Leaky Roof In Tulsa

Leaky Roof Reasons Tulsa Home Oklahoma

Are you dealing with a constant drip from your ceiling? Roof leaks, while often overlooked, can lead to serious home damage if not promptly addressed, especially in Tulsa, OK, where we know how much it rains. This article reveals five compelling reasons why you need to get that troublesome leaky roof fixed as soon as […]

Foundation Cracks in Tulsa Homes: 5 Reasons to Fix Them ASAP

Fixing Foundation Crack In Tulsa Home

Is your home in Tulsa showing signs of foundation cracks? Left unattended, these fractures can cause severe structural concerns and a bevy of other problems that’ll quickly drain your bank account. This article covers 5 reasons you need to fix foundation cracks and how to do it properly. Read on for an insight into maintaining […]