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Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons

Choosing the right shower flooring can be tough. Pebble shower floors have become popular in Tulsa, OK. This article explores the pros and cons of pebble shower floors to help you decide if they’re right for your home.

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What Are Pebble Shower Floors?

Pebble shower floors are a unique choice for homeowners looking to add a natural touch to their bathrooms. These floors use smooth, small stones that come in various colors and sizes.

The stones are often attached to a mesh backing, making them easy to lay down in any pattern you like. This creates a beautiful, textured look that brings the essence of nature right into your home.

Pebble flooring is not just about style; it’s also practical. The uneven surface of the pebbles provides better grip under wet conditions, making showers safer.

Choosing pebble tiles for your master bath or shower walls can transform the space into a spa-like retreat. They offer an aesthetically pleasing and versatile option compared to traditional tiles or other bathroom floor materials.

Now let’s explore the advantages of installing pebble shower floors in more detail.

Pros of Pebble Shower Floors

Pebble shower floors are aesthetically pleasing and versatile. They also offer slip-resistant and therapeutic benefits.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Versatile

Pebble shower floors offer a unique flooring solution that can transform any master bath shower into a natural, spa-like sanctuary. Their beauty lies in their versatility; you can choose from various sizes, colors, and shapes to match your bathroom design.

Flat pebbles create a sleek grid look, while river rocks bring a more organic feel. Each style adds its own character to the space, making it stand out.

Easy installation follows this advantage closely. The process allows homeowners to place pieces according to personal taste without needing professional installation for every step.

This flexibility means easy customization for those aiming to reflect their own experience and style within their living spaces.

Easy To Install

Installing pebble floors in your shower can be a straightforward process, especially if you have some DIY experience. The installation requires laying down the pebbles, which often come attached to mesh backing, making it easy to cover large areas quickly.

You’ll need to spread mortar on your shower floor, press the pebble sheets into place, and then fill the gaps with grout. It’s simpler than installing tiles because there’s no need to worry about achieving perfect alignment.

Many homeowners find the installation of pebble shower floors manageable over a weekend project. With clear instructions and basic tools, transforming your bathroom doesn’t demand professional help or extensive construction knowledge.

This approach saves money compared to hiring someone for tile work and adds a personal touch to your space.


Pebble shower floors are an affordable option for homeowners. The installation cost per square foot is lower than many other flooring types, saving you a few dollars. With a variety of neutral and multiple colors available, pebble floors can fit within most budgets without compromising on style or quality.

Jones Sweet Homes offers flat style pebbles at competitive prices to suit your needs.
Moving on to slip-resistant and therapeutic features – Slip-resistant.

Slip-Resistant and Therapeutic

Pebble shower floors are naturally slip-resistant, providing secure footing for homeowners of any age. The textured surface is also therapeutic, offering a gentle massage effect on your feet as you walk.

These benefits make pebble shower floors an ideal choice for safety and comfort in your daily routine. Additionally, the design options allow you to customize the look while ensuring a safe and pleasant shower experience.

Not only do pebble shower floors offer slip-resistance but they also provide therapeutic benefits by stimulating blood circulation in the feet. 

This feature can be particularly beneficial to those with sensitive feet or mobility concerns, making each step in the shower rejuvenating and comforting.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Pebble shower floors are durable and require low maintenance, making them a practical choice for busy homeowners. With their sturdy composition, they can withstand daily wear and tear without losing their appeal.

Additionally, these floors are resistant to mold and mildew, reducing the need for frequent cleaning or repairs. This means you can enjoy a long-lasting and hassle-free shower floor that maintains its charm with minimal upkeep.

Moreover, pebble shower floors offer low-maintenance cleaning routines since they don’t accumulate grime buildup easily. A quick wipe-down is usually sufficient to keep them looking pristine, saving you time and effort in regular maintenance.

Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons In Tulsa, OK

Cons of Pebble Shower Floors

Pebble shower floors require more maintenance than tiles and are prone to staining from hard water. They may not be suitable for those with sensitive feet.

Requires More Maintenance Than Tiles

Pebble shower floors generally need more maintenance than tiles. They require regular cleaning to prevent soap scum buildup as well as to keep the grout lines free from debris. 

Due to their porous nature, pebble floors can retain water and may be prone to staining from hard water.

Homeowners should be prepared for a bit of extra effort in upkeep, especially if they want to maintain the floor’s original beauty.

In summary, choosing a pebble shower floor over tiles means committing to more frequent and thorough maintenance routines, including regular cleaning and care against stains caused by hard water.

Prone to staining from hard water

Pebble shower floors are susceptible to staining from hard water, which may require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Using neutral colors or sealing the pebbles can help prevent or minimize staining and make upkeep easier.

It’s essential to consider this aspect if you’re thinking about installing a pebble shower floor, especially if your area has hard water.

Hard water stains on a pebble shower floor might need more attention compared to other flooring options. Regular maintenance and proactive measures like proper sealing can go a long way in tackling this issue effectively.

May Not Be Suitable For Those With Sensitive Feet

Pebble shower floors are not recommended for those with sensitive feet due to the uneven surface, which may feel uncomfortable or even painful to walk on. 

The pebbles can create pressure points and be abrasive, causing discomfort for individuals with sensitive or tender feet.

It’s important for homeowners to consider the potential discomfort that may arise from walking on a textured surface, especially if they have foot sensitivities or conditions such as neuropathy.

Alternative flooring options should be explored to ensure comfort and safety in the shower area.

Consequently, individuals with sensitive feet should carefully assess whether a pebble shower floor is suitable for their specific needs and consider alternatives that provide a smoother and more comfortable surface underfoot.

Top Pebble Shower Floor Manufacturers

Identifying premium pebble shower floor manufacturers is crucial for durability and aesthetic quality.

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mosaic tile floor pebbles


Pebble shower floors look nice and can make your bathroom feel like a spa. They also offer more grip, which might help you not slip.
Yes, pebble floors have more grout which can gather dirt and need more cleaning. Also, they may be slippery when wet despite their texture and can be uncomfortable on your feet.
The installation process for a pebbled floor takes time and needs careful planning around the drain to ensure proper water flow. It’s different from installing regular tiles.
Absolutely! You can use different colors of pebbles or arrange them into patterns to bring your unique ideas to life in your bathroom.

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